Full Stack Developer

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Location: Toronto

Job type: Full-time, Paid


We founded LinkMentalHealth to make mental health accessible, proactively and reactively. Over 60% of people struggling aren't getting the help they need with many not knowing where to turn to, sometimes leading to fatal consequences. We're leveraging technology to tackle a problem that many of us have experienced, whether for ourselves or a loved one. It shouldn't take months to find help, especially when there are resources out there that just aren't being used.

We're extraordinarily proud of what we've already been able to accomplish. We were the recipients of the 2019 International Social Innovation Award in Mexico, an award that attracted more than 1000 applicant ventures from 67 countries. Our team is our biggest competitive advantage- we are a team of individuals who bring a unique expertise to address an issue that impacts millions of lives.


In our rapidly growing startup, you'll have a chance to practically see the impact you make in the core pieces of the website that you build and improve upon. You'll lead the process in development on the front-end changes of the website and work with others on the team to iterate and create the desired user flow. You’ll be a lead contributor to the back-end aspects of the platform- creating new features and improving existing piece.

You'll expand on the knowledge you’ve already accumulated, and most excitedly, learn additional ones to add to your skillset.


$45,000 to $65,000 annual salary or hourly wage

Full-time permanent contract


You and an executive will sit down at the beginning of your term to develop your personal Learning Plan collaboratively, and identify ways we can help you achieve your personal goals. The constant learning component is a core piece of our company's values. You'll have a chance to make mistakes, learn from them (and ensure they don't happen again). You'll also have the opportunity to lead a small team of front-end developers and designers to achieve milestones collectively, and learn from our other developers. You'll also see the day to days that exist to build a startup, and have the opportunity to learn skills outside of programming within your Learning Plan.


Contribute to the creation of an in-house calendar-sync platform that pulls the availabilities of various types of calendar & practice-management software (therapist-specific) Contribute to the encryption of data at multiple points of the platform: at rest or in-transit Work with other aspects of the back-end: security, servers & database


Leave your technical imprints on every front-end aspect of the platform Optimize the most relevant devices and sizes within desktop, mobile and tablet based off the analytics provided Develop new features that are meant to improve conversion rates & user flow


Participate in full app life-cycle: concept, design, deploy, test and release Be part of and help shape an Agile process



LinkMentalHealth helps employers get their people the mental health services they need, in today’s modern world. We create an online portal and mental health hub for companies that makes accessing mental health services easy, and quick.

The online platform connects people to mental health services that best fit their needs (i.e. ethnicity, sexual orientation, specialty) and resources they have so they can actually pay for it. They’re then connected directly to the calendars of those therapists, shrinking process from months to minutes.