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By connecting you with clients that are the best fit for you, we promote a stronger therapeutic alliance.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be as socially responsible as we can, we’re currently only accepting therapists to our waitlist that can deliver therapy online.

Create the practice that’s right for you

increase rate

Increase your rate of second sessions

Connect with clients that have health insurance


See clients you focus on

Improve the therapist-client fit by accounting for your specialty and their diverse needs


Make a connection from the get-go

Keep control of your schedule with frictionless booking

How does it work for the client?

Match with therapists

Request appointment

How does it work for the client?

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    Figure out health benefits and affordability

  • 2

    Match with therapists

    Outcome-based indicators for better therapeutic alliance

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    Request appointment

    Availability from calendar: therapist has to confirm!

Discover how LinkMentalHealth can help you grow your practice


LinkMentalHealth is an invaluable resource in connecting clients to the appropriate clinicians to access support. The structure of the directory ensures that the fit between client and therapist is first priority.

Zainib Abdullah

In under a year, we’ve already seen…


Connected to mental health services


Clients go back for a second session


No - the appointment is NOT confirmed until you and the client connect. You still have AUTONOMY over your calendar.
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No, absolutely not. Only the availabilities on your calendar will appear.
Great question! We support both modalities, but currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re only recruiting therapists that are able to deliver therapy online. Once we’re on the other side of this, we’ll be able to support both in-person and online therapists.

Have questions? Please e-mail us at admin@linkmentalhealth.com.